General Construction

snowMost everyone has a good idea of what a construction general contractor does.  We won’t bother boring you with the typical “innovative solutions” type descriptions.  However, with that in mind, you may be asking yourself, “Why would I want to hire NationView as my general contractor?  What sets them apart?”  The short answer…we listen.  Many general contractors are interested in putting a project in a category and approaching the completion of the project like every other in that category.  Sometimes pushing the client down an uncomfortable path along the way.  NationView, however, strives to listen to clients, hearing their goals for a project, and performing that project to completion meeting those goals.

Goals?  Did you say, “Goals?” That sounds like something from a motivational poster!   What are goals for a project anyway?  Goals can vary widely from project to project.  Here are some considerations that may help you develop your goals:

  • When do I need my project finished?  Can it be performed in the time frame that you need?  Do you need to achieve certain milestones along the way while your project is ongoing? What is the right amount of time that provides the most efficient cost?
  • Can your project fit on the property you have?
  • Know the general location where you want your project located?  If you found it, have you purchased it yet?
  • What do I want my project to look like?  I know what I like when I see it, but I need help making it look like I want it.
  • What is this going to cost?  Can I get my project completed for the amount of money I have?  What are my options?  If I need it, how do I easily obtain financing?

Again, by listening, NationView can allow their clients to capitalize on their design and construction expertise.  From project scheduling, to location review and acquisition, to funding means and methods, to design, to permitting, and onto project construction and completion, NationView can help make hard decisions easier.

What if I just need a price on a project that I already have designed and location determined?  NationView provides firm, fixed price quotes on projects too!  Since we perform hard-bid, firm price contracts on a regular basis, rest assured that our pricing will be competitive.  Also, we self-perform many scopes of work, including:

  • Demolition – including selective, foundation razing, and building knockdown and recycling
  • Light Earthwork
  • Excavation and Backfill
  • Concrete Foundations and Site Concrete
  • All Masonry – including CMU, brick, precast, and natural stone
  • Light Structural and Miscellaneous Steel
  • Rough Wood Framing
  • Trim and Finish Carpentry
  • Door and Hardware Installation
  • Light Gauge Metal Framing
  • Gypsum Board Hang and Finish (i.e. Drywall)
  • Specialties Installations
  • Equipment Installations
  • Furnishings Installations

By performance of these scopes, NationView has expertise to provide quick, high quality performance of many elements of a vast variety of scopes of work.  We also have established relationships with many reputable subcontractors including, but not limited to, geotechnical, site work, site utilities, concrete, structural steel, drywall, flooring, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical.  Having self-performed many scopes, NationView can evaluate subcontractor scopes thoroughly to insure completeness, and can fill in the gaps to prevent scope creep or extending the project schedules.