Design-Build & Design Assistance

In addition to managing and constructing major vertical construction projects, NationView can assist its customers with selecting a reputable design firm with specific experience for their project requirements.  NationView has worked with some of the best architectural design firms in the country, and can create a design-build team that will provide an accurate budget and a quality product.

Since 2008, NationView has completed six (6) design-build contracts for the US Army Corps of Engineers, including complete site development (horizontal) and vertical construction.  These design-build contracts ranged in amount from $7.3 million to $15.7 million.  Additionally, NationView completed two (2) design-build contracts for the Department of the Air Force at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, including the Flight Medicine Clinic, and a field Dental Clinic.  By working with a design firm that has experience working with our team, NationView easily provides its clients with detailed designs and budgets with